Ever dreamed of sleeping in a tree house? I found the hotels for you! :)

When I was little my parents and I built a little tree house in my garden. There I have created some of the best memories of my childhood. Tree houses although, are not just for kids! In fact, I just found the most amazing tree houses hotels around the world that give can give the same feeling of being close to nature. Are you ready to feel like a kid again?

These tree houses hotels offer experiences that you will never forget as they’re so unique. Some of them are very expensive but there are also some very affordable options!

Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur, California

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 14.30.06

The tree houses are triangular in shape and every room has a king bed, a fireplace, and even a skylight to watch the stars at night! The location is also close to the coast. You will be fully immersed in the nature that surrounds the hotels and you will be able to relax to the fullest.

Lion Sands ReserveKruger National Park, South Africa

A wild experience in the Savannah! You get to sleep above the lions and other wild animals and hear them beneath your tree house and enjoy the comfort of your luxury bedroom. You get to experience an amazing safari and observe the beauty of nature and animals.

That are many exciting activities that you can do here that can include chopper rides, trying the unique cuisine and amazing candlelight dinners!

Tree Hotel – Lule River valley, Sweden

 “Come and live closer to Swedish Nature”

Moving to a colder environment, this is the perfect minimalistic and modern hotel in the mountains.

No matter what season it is, it will always be an experience you will remember! You can go horse riding in the summer and skiing during winter. Every activity will perfectly capture the essence of the time of the year. The list of things you can do here doesn’t stop.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet time or for an adventure this place is worth it all!

Tented Camp Golden Triangle – Northen Thailand

This is the most luxurious tree house I have ever seen. You will live like a king during your stay but at the same time, you will get to experience nature animals for very close.

Awang Awang Resort – Bali, Indonesia

Located near to Ubud, the villa is immersed in the Indonesian jungle.

The villa has its own pool and it is perfect for relaxing. If you love animals you can spot monkeys from your balcony!

Do these places make you daydream? I think these would be some very good options for hotels to stay in as they’re something different from the usual and it is always nice to try something new. I am already dreaming of staying in a tree house in the summer, Where are you hoping to go this year?


How good is “La casa de papel (Money Heist)?


Lately, I have literally been obsessed with the Spanish TV show “la casa de papel”. It is extraordinary, believe me, right from the start I could not take my eyes off my laptop’s screen.

I had never seen a Spanish TV show before. I know Spanish so I managed to get to the end of the show and it left me speechless.  Now that I finished it I don’t know what to watch anymore! It was too good unfortunately it was not very long.

If you don’t know what it is you should definitively watch it! It is about a very smart man “el profesor” that has planned the biggest heist ever. The heist was his father’s idea, who got shot by the police during a robbery. He has been planning it as a sort of revenge for about 5 years and he has it all figured out. He recruits a group of people with specific abilities that are willing to do anything in order to succeed in the plan and they rehearse everything within two months. Their plan in to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and print about 24000 millions of euros themselves. To do this they need to distract the police in order to stall them long enough to reach their goal and deal with the hostages.

maxresdefault.jpgThe show is full of twists and turns and the tension is always high but that’s what I liked about it, it leaves you hanging all the time and you never know what to expect. For example, el profesor starts to fall for the police inspector that is leading the case and everything becomes more tricky but exciting at the same time.

The cast is literally amazing, the actors are so good!  I was impressed by “el profesor ” who guides the group who is incredibly intelligent and predicts every move of the police. All the characters are very peculiar and they all have some characteristics that somehow interfere with the plan.

I think that It might be one of the best tv shows I have watched this year. I really really recommend it if you haven’t seen it. The first season can be found in many languages,  the second one is mostly in Spanish but I found some links that provide the version with English subtitles.

Here’s the trailer!!



Unusual travel destinations!


Tired of always getting the same answer when you ask someone where they went on holiday? Florida, Thailand, Italy… Want to discover some unusual destinations for your next trip?

Then keep reading!

The most common places where people go on holiday are getting more crowded every year so I decided to look for alternatives to them. There are some amazing countries that are yet unexplored but are totally worth visiting!

Pack your sunglasses and your camera and get ready to explore!

  1. Argentina


From Buenos Aires to El Chalten, everything will take your breath away. You can go from the city to the mountains, to the lakes. Argentina is the one for you if you love exploring and seeing different kinds of landscapes.


  • Cordoba
  • Puerto Iguazo
  • San Carlos de Bariloches
  • Cafayate
  • El Calafate
  • Salta

2. Belize


Belize is the perfect place where to relax and fully enjoy the ocean! Some of the activities that are perfect to do here are diving, snorkeling, boat trips and visiting ancient ruins.

Where to go:

  • Ambergris Caye
  • Caye Caulker
  • Placencia
  • Sarteneja
  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tobacco Caye



Experience the unique cuisine, go hiking around the temples, visit pagodas, stroll around the markets, enjoy the beaches and so much more!


  • Lake Inle
  • Ngapali
  • Bagan
  • Kyaiktiyo
  • Taunggyi



Get off the beaten track! Enjoy Carribean beaches, explore Mayan ruins, practice extreme sports and practice nature watching!

Top destinations:

  • Roatan
  • Cayos Cochinos
  • Lake Yojoa
  • the Bay Islands
  • Tegucigalpa

5.New Zealand


This country has everything you ever wanted. It has forests, beaches, islands, glaciers, lakes, mountains and flat plains. The wildlife you can find here is extraordinary.

There is so much you can do there, you can go surfing, skiing,  kayaking, sailing, swimming, parachuting, and horseback riding. What more do you want?

Where to go:

  • Auckland
  • Waikato and Coromandel
  • Bay of islands
  • Milford Sound
  • Taupo
  • Queenstown

It is even hard to suggest some places to go to since there is just so much to see.

These were some really really cool places to visit if you want to avoid the big crowd in other places. I am not saying that you won’t find tourists because that is inevitable but these are destinations that some may not consider for a variety of reasons. If you have the means to go you should definitively do so!

Let me know what you think!. I’d like to know If any of you has been to some of these destinations.





Welcome to my blog!

All right, this is my first post.

I’ll start by saying that I’m very unfamiliar with the concept of blogs and blogging. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I am enjoying being out of my comfort zone.

I’ll introduce myself so that you can know more about myself. I’m a 18 year old  girl and I  will be attending university next year in the UK and I cannot wait for that!

I must admit it, I am a rather introverted person. In spite of this, I am a very curious girl and I have many interests that I am passionate about, that include:

  • Photography
  • Surfing
  • Art and Design
  • Fashion
  • Travelling
I will be posting a lot on these topics as it is very interesting for me to discover more and more about them and share it with other people.
At the moment I’m starting to work on some interesting posts to share on my new blog. I hope they will be useful in some way, interesting to read or relatable! I am looking forward to interacting with the blogging community!!

I think this is enough. I will be uploading soon as my blog is very empty right now. I am also hungry so I’m gonna go.

have a nice day


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