Ever dreamed of sleeping in a tree house? I found the hotels for you! :)

When I was little my parents and I built a little tree house in my garden. There I have created some of the best memories of my childhood. Tree houses although, are not just for kids! In fact, I just found the most amazing tree houses hotels around the world that give can give the same feeling of being close to nature. Are you ready to feel like a kid again?

These tree houses hotels offer experiences that you will never forget as they’re so unique. Some of them are very expensive but there are also some very affordable options!

Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur, California

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The tree houses are triangular in shape and every room has a king bed, a fireplace, and even a skylight to watch the stars at night! The location is also close to the coast. You will be fully immersed in the nature that surrounds the hotels and you will be able to relax to the fullest.

Lion Sands ReserveKruger National Park, South Africa

A wild experience in the Savannah! You get to sleep above the lions and other wild animals and hear them beneath your tree house and enjoy the comfort of your luxury bedroom. You get to experience an amazing safari and observe the beauty of nature and animals.

That are many exciting activities that you can do here that can include chopper rides, trying the unique cuisine and amazing candlelight dinners!

Tree Hotel – Lule River valley, Sweden

 “Come and live closer to Swedish Nature”

Moving to a colder environment, this is the perfect minimalistic and modern hotel in the mountains.

No matter what season it is, it will always be an experience you will remember! You can go horse riding in the summer and skiing during winter. Every activity will perfectly capture the essence of the time of the year. The list of things you can do here doesn’t stop.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet time or for an adventure this place is worth it all!

Tented Camp Golden Triangle – Northen Thailand

This is the most luxurious tree house I have ever seen. You will live like a king during your stay but at the same time, you will get to experience nature animals for very close.

Awang Awang Resort – Bali, Indonesia

Located near to Ubud, the villa is immersed in the Indonesian jungle.

The villa has its own pool and it is perfect for relaxing. If you love animals you can spot monkeys from your balcony!

Do these places make you daydream? I think these would be some very good options for hotels to stay in as they’re something different from the usual and it is always nice to try something new. I am already dreaming of staying in a tree house in the summer, Where are you hoping to go this year?


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